Christina and Tom

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Our Story

The Meet Cute: Christina and Tom met by chance in the summer of 2013 on the northside of Chicago during a Pearl Jam concert. Christina and Tom were at two separate parties in an apartment building adjacent to the concert venue at Wrigley Field. Early in the night, Christina stepped outside to listen to the concert on a balcony shared by the two apartments. Tom was also outside on the balcony where he noticed Christina and decided to approach her. The two hit it off as they talked about their backgrounds, favorite Pearl Jam songs, and places they wished to travel. The next Friday, the two went on their first date at a restaurant in Wicker Park.

Fast forward a year later, Christina was admitted into graduate school at Indiana University and moved to Bloomington, Indiana, while Tom stayed in Chicago. Throughout their two-year long distance relationship, Christina and Tom managed to take turns seeing each other every other weekend. This required 480 mile roundtrips to and from Chicago and Bloomington, which made their hearts grow fonder! By May 2016, Christina graduated from Indiana University and accepted a job in Chicago. Tom and Christina were happy to finally be together again in the same city!

The Proposal: During the summer of 2017, Tom told Christina that he had a work social at the new corporate event center near Wrigley Field. Christina and Tom both got dressed up and headed to Wrigleyville. Christina was about 30 minutes late, per usual. It just so happened that while walking to the event, Tom and Christina walked right by the apartment building where they first met. Tom pulled Christina aside and wrapped his arms around her when they were in front of the building. He then gave her a kiss and said, “We actually do not have a work function to go to this evening. I brought you here for something else.” Tom then got down on one knee and asked Christina to marry him. Christina was so shocked and overwhelmed with emotion she could barely speak. After she finally said, “Yes!” Christina and Tom walked to a nearby restaurant to have a celebratory drink. Christina did not know that Tom had planned for months to bring both of their families together for this special moment. After their drink, Christina and Tom went to a nearby restaurant. The hostess escorted Christina and Tom to the back patio, where both their families were awaiting. They celebrated with Christina’s favorite food, pizza, and a champagne toast with their families.

Christina and Tom are excited to celebrate with their family and friends the of start the next phase of their lives together!
Cass Loh